Brad Hales - Peoples Record

The Agit Reader – Motor City’s Spinning DJ Brad Hales

By now, we all know about those celebrity DJs who command thousands of dollars to get flown to Ibiza to plug in their iPad and go do lines for the next seven hours. But there are still DJs out there who do things like lug their vinyl discs to a bar and actually jockey them. Like Detroit’s Brad Hales. As a lifelong collector, owner of a record store (People’s Records), and even a band dude (he is currently the bassist in Detroit space-punk band Human Eye), he has slowly but surely built a following as one of the top ’60s soul and R&B steel wheelers in the world (though his ear canals go off on many sonic byways). People fly him around every once in a while too, only it’s usually in coach on Spirit Airlines. He was recently in New York for four throwdowns, pairing up with pals like Jonathan Toubin, Mick Collins, and your’s truly. Before that, I caught him on the phone behind the counter of his shop, no doubt interrupting the more important activity of deep cleaning a Bunker Hill single or something.
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